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Reinstate 48 has no official or unofficial spokespersons. We welcome anyone and everyone who wishes to speak for or against the Reinstate 48 initiative. Whether it is on the Reinstate 48 Facebook page, a blog, in a pub, a restaurant, a family dinner table, between the sheets, in a park, at traffic lights, in a lift, on a train, waiting on a friend, on the radio or on TV we value all voices equally.

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Who is behind the Reinstate 48 initiative? 

The team behind the Reinstate 48 initiative are all volunteers who are motivated by the desire to see a fundamental genuine change in the Irish political system so as to remove the cronyism, incompetence and corruption that has brought our country to its knees.

The Reinstate 48 Organising Committee members include James Coyle, Hilary Dully, Marie Louise Kenny, Stephen Mulcahy, Donal O'Brolcháin and Líadain von der Decken.

Convention on the Constitution

In August 2013, the Fourth Report of the Convention on the Constitution, Dáil Electoral System, recommended that ‘Direct Democracy’ (i.e. citizens initiatives ) with adequate safeguards be introduced.   

Convention on the Constitution

Convention on the Constitution vote on Direct Democracy (9th June 2013)

83% - YES
16% - NO
1% - No opinion

On the 18th December 2014 the Government responded to the recommendations of the Fourth Report of the Convention on the Constitution.   The Government's response is best summarised as "Thanks, but no thanks".  So rather than asking the people of Ireland in a referendum whether they would like to have "Direct Democracy" the government gave us the "Age of Presidential Candidates Referendum" (a.k.a. The Jedward Referendum).  This was of course not at all surprising as "Direct Democracy" would place a check on the powers of Government and as the old saying goes; "Turkeys don't vote for Christmas".

Reinstate 48 initiative

Under the current constitution, the only time at which the people of Ireland have a say in the running of this state is when they are asked to elect their representatives at a General Election held every five years or so. 

The Reinstate 48 (R48) initiative seeks to restore Article 48 to the Irish Constitution by asking the people of Ireland to make a pledge to only vote for candidates (from any political party or independents) in the next General Election who have themselves pledged to restore Article 48 to the Irish Constitution.  If enough voters make the pledge then the candidates will follow "Like bees to honey".

Reinstate 48 is simply an initiative to restore the "Republic", as originally envisaged by Michael Collins and the other founders of the Irish Free State, in which the people were the real rulers of Ireland.

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